What’s The Difference Between Corsets And Bustiers?

Corsets and bustiers often get lumped into the same category as the same type of clothing. But they actually serve two completely different purposes. Both are close fitting and contain bones to support.


The purpose of a bustier is to boost the breasts up and give a lady cleavage. A bustier usually has cups built in for support and has a different look from a corset. Corsets were designed to give a lady a smooth, flawless look with an hourglass figure. Corsets can stop below the chest, or cover the chest with different styles.

What’s The Difference Between Corsets And Bustiers?


Rigid vs. Flexible

Because of their purpose, corsets are designed to be more rigid than bustiers. They can provide support and improve posture, while also giving you a great shape. The only purpose of a bustier is to give you cleavage. Bustiers tend to be a little more flexible in the body. Corsets usually contain steel boning, while bustiers usually contain lighter plastic boning.



Corsets are made of fabrics like cotton coutil, silk brocade, or canvas. There is usually a lining fabric on the inside like cotton or muslin that is much easier to take care of and comfortable against your skin. The boning is placed between the layers. A bustier is made from more elastic fabrics and are less confining. They usually have elastic panels to give them stretch, and are made with plastic boning.



Corsets are typically held together with lacing. You’ve probably all seen a movie scene where the character is holding on to the bedpost and someone is lacing her corset. This is a dramatic portrayal for the movies and not at all how you put on a corset in real life, but it might make you remember the lacing part. Bustiers typically close with hook and eye closures. It is more like a bra and is designed for function. The laces on a corset allow for a very custom fit, while also being pretty.

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