How To Take Your Corset Measurements

Measuring for your corset can be a tricky deal. Our bodies are full of curves and different measurements, so how can you be sure you are doing it right? Let’s take a look at some tips to help you get the best measurements for the best fit.


Tape Measure

How To Take Your Corset MeasurementsThe first thing you will need to take your measurements is a tape measure. Tape measures are flexible and can wrap around different parts of your body for an accurate measurement. If for some reason you do not own a tape measure or don’t want to go out and buy one, then a piece of string can also do in a pinch. Wrap the string around yourself and then mark where the measurement would be with a piece of tape. The you can lay it out flat and measure with a ruler or some other measuring tool. There is room for error with a string, so you have to be sure you are being accurate.


Natural Waistline

Believe it or not, your natural waistline is not the smallest part of your waist. That is a myth. The natural waistline is actually the part of your waist that bends. Bend over to touch your toes, and you will find your natural waistline. It can be the smallest part, but it isn’t on everyone. Take your tape measure and wrap it around your natural waistline in order to get an accurate measurement.


Under Bra

Taking a measurement right under your bra line will give you an idea about the fit for an underbust corset. Sometimes this measurement is smaller than your natural waist, so you’ll want to make sure you know your size.



If you are ordering an overbust corset, you’ll need to know your bust size as well. Wrap your tape measure around the largest part of your bust in order to ensure an accurate measurement. This measurement will make sure that you have enough space in the bust area to comfortably fit in the corset.



Your hip size is also important for a good fit. Your natural hipline is sometimes described as the largest part of your hips, but sometimes that falls way below where a corset will sit. You want to measure the top part of your hips, in order to make sure that your hips will sit comfortably in the corset’s design. Wrap your tape measure around the area where a corset should sit to figure out your hip size.


Once you have all your measurements, you can take them to our handy sizing guide on the Corsetdeal website. You can plug them into our handy sizing chart and instantly see what size corset you should be ordering. If you need further help, one of our stylists would be happy to assist you. Just shoot us an email to our help department. Happy measuring!

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