How To Avoid Corset Warping

The number one reason that corsets get ruined is by warping. What is warping? How does it happen? Let’s take a look at the ways you can prevent your corset from becoming warped and unusable.

What Is Warping?

Warping happens in a corset when the boning becomes bent or out of shape. This can happen over time, weather conditions, or misuse of your corset when you are lacing and unlacing. Boning can be sensitive, so it is important to take the time and take care of it the right way. A warped corset is useless and needs to be replaced. How To Avoid Corset Warping


When you are putting your corset on and off, it is very important to remember to loosen up the laces all the way. Do not try to slide in and out of your corset. Take the time and avoid ruining the entire thing by making sure the laces are loose all the way. If you don’t the front busk can become bent and warped, meaning that you won’t be able to latch it up ever again. Don’t try to be lazy, or you’ll end up regretting it.

Seasoning Your Corset

Take your time and season your corset the right way. If you try to rush the process, your corset can become warped and bent out of shape and you will never get it to fit the right way. If it never fits the right way, you will think that you hate wearing a corset, when actually you just need one that has been properly seasoned. Corset-wearing does not happen in an instant, it is a gradual process for both you and the corset, so be sure to slow down and do it the right way.


Don’t leave your corset anywhere with extreme heat. The boning material can start to melt and change shape with heat, and if they start to warp, the shape of your corset will be all wrong. Don’t store a corset somewhere where the sun will beat on it, or in your car where it may get too hot. Instead pick a place where it is cool and dry and your corset will be safe.

Avoid warping your corset by following the guidelines to season and lace it properly. A warped corset is no good to anyone, so treat yours the right way and you’ll have tons of fun. Check out our entire line of corsets from Corset Deal. Our high-quality corsets are made to last a long time and will give you many years of wear when taken care of properly. Refer to our blog for other information on how to properly care for your corset.