Postpartum Waist Training

Having a baby is super exciting! If you are an avid waist trainer, you will know that you will have to change up your routine until your postpartum period. There are a few things that are different about resuming your waist training regimen after having a baby.


Get The Green Light

Be sure you check with your physician about when it is safe to resume waist training. Depending on what happened during your birth, it can take weeks to months to be able to get back to your corset. If you had a natural delivery, you may be ready and get the green light after 6 weeks. If you had a c-section, you may need to wait a little longer.Postpartum Waist Training


Listen To Your Body

Your postpartum body is not the same as your original body. It is going through a lot of major changes, and needs time to get back to normal. If you feel anxiety when you get back into your corset, or if things just aren’t working like you thought they would, just give it some more time. Listen to the cues that your body is giving to you and take a break when you need it.


Don’t Get Frustrated

Don't’ forget, it took 9 months for you to grow an entire human inside of you. Your body won’t go back to normal in just a few weeks. It takes time. This can be the most frustrating thing for a waist trainer. We want to get back to our normal body as quickly as possible, but it just isn’t ready for that yet. Relax and start getting back on track gradually.


Postpartum Support

Corsets can provide postpartum support to your new body too. The baby squishes all your internal organs around, and it takes time to get everything back to where it should be. Wearing a corset postpartum can help with this process, and can help you get back to your normal self faster. Just be sure to take new measurements because your size will not be the same as it was.


Wearing a corset after you have a baby can be a great way to get yourself back on track. Be sure to talk with your doctor and don't’ rush things. You may need a different size from your usual, and Corset Deal has you covered. Try one of our starter corsets for a slightly more flexible feel. Or get something in a pretty floral pattern to make you feel great. Check out our entire collection on our website today!

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