Reijo Brown Victorian Steampunk Skirt


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Our skirt has been designed to fit low wait measurement.

How to measure low waist ?

Measure 1.5 inches lower than your natural waistline when measuring waist size for low waist skirt


1 inch = 2.54 cm For Guidance Only
Skirt Your Natural Measurements (inches) UK EU
S Low Waist: 28-29 inch Hip: 34-35 inch 8-10 36-38
M Low Waist: 30-31 inch Hip: 36-37 inch 10-12 38-40
L Low Waist: 32-33 inch Hip: 38-39 inch 12-14 40-42
XL Low Waist: 34-35 inch Hip: 40-41 inch 14-16 42-44
2XL Low Waist: 36-37 inch Hip: 42-43 inch 16-18 44-46
3XL Low Waist: 38-39 inch Hip: 44-45 inch 18-20 46-48
4XL Low Waist: 40-41 inch Hip: 46-47 inch 20-22 48-50
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This brown long skirt can hug your flawless curves in all the right ways. This vintage skirt is certainly going to strike you as a tight fit. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about this Victorian inspired skirt being too tight. It fits perfectly, accentuating the curves of your body, while also keeping you comfortable. This is a perfect skirt for formal occasions, but you can certainly wear this skirt during an informal occasion, as well. Pair a skirt like this with the right kind of footwear, and you’re looking at a perfect gothic outfit for your next occasion.

  • Victorian Steampunk Low Waist Skirt with Side Zip Opening
  • Center Front Length: 32.5 inches (82.55 cm)
  • Side Length: 39 inches (99.06 cm)
  • Center Back Length: 40 inches (101.6 cm)
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Opening: Side Zipper
  • Weight: 650 gm (1.43 lbs)