Corset Deal Expands its Offerings to the UK with a New UK Website

With over 75,000 corsets and 500+ designs, Corset Deal is the largest internet corset retailer in the world. Due to our widespread interest and continuous growth, we have decided to expand our offerings to the UK and create a new website for UK shoppers:

Just like at, shoppers can visit the UK website to view our large selection of authentic corsets and vintage gothic apparel for men and women. Whether you're looking for a burlesque corset, fashion corset, corset dress or steampunk corset, we have it all! We bring you the greatest selection, highest quality, best styles and most affordable prices.

Here are some of the many great finds you'll discover at our new UK website!

Gothic Corsets

We provide a wide variety of vintage gothic corsets for both men and women. Our gothic corsets feature elements from Punk, Victorian and Renaissance fashions, including dark colors, velvet, lace, chains and leather.

Steampunk Corsets

Our steampunk corsets are also available for men and women.The steampunk style combines elements of the feudal era with science fiction. These corsets take features from Victorian and Punk fashions and include steel bonding, bold colors with metallic accents, and leather.

Waist Training Corsets

Our waist training corsets come in a wide range of styles, including fashion, gothic, steampunk, burlesque, overbust and underbust. Our waist training corsets are steel boned and designed to help you achieve a slimmer waist. When you wear a steel boned corset for about 4 to 6 hours for 6 to 8 weeks, you'll start to notice a smaller waist, stronger core and better posture. The best results can be achieved by pairing your corset with a healthy diet and exercise.

We also sell apparel and accessories that will beautifully compliment your corset, including tube tops, stockings and skirts.

In addition to our already great prices, we are always offering sales and promotions on both of our websites. Be sure to check out our fabulous deals, including our 3 for £70 and a 3 for 2 combo deals.

To take advantage of our wonderful styles and deals, visit our new UK website at