Best 5 Corsets for the Summer

Are you looking to revamp your summer wardrobe? What better way to do so than with corsets? Our authentic corsets feature unique and beautiful designs and contain steel bones which help improve posture, train your waist, and of course, give you your desired silhouette. If you're shopping for the perfect corsets for summer, consider our 5 favorites:

1. Overbust:Jozlyn Overbust Corset

The flattering shape and beautiful blue hue make this the perfect overbust corset for the summer. The sweetheart neckline will accentuate your bust, while the cinched waist will give you an hourglass shape. This overbust corset features a stunning gothic-inspired floral design, which looks fabulous in the bright blue shade.

2. Underbust: Isabeau Underbust Corset

If you prefer underbust corsets over an overbust, definitely opt for the Isabeau Underbust Corset. Underbust corsets are great for summer because they contain less fabric than an overbust corset. This underbust corset features a similar gothic-inspired floral pattern as the previous overbust, but in an elegant and dramatic red hue. The silver zipper and black trim really complete the look.

3. Gothic: Chrystal Gothic Corset

Our favorite gothic corset for summer is the Chrystal Gothic Corset. The satin fabric creates a corset that's incredibly sleek and chic, while the gothic elements add decadence and refinement. The corset cinches at the waist to hug your curves and pairs perfectly with black dresses and colored tops.

4. Steampunk: Rianna Steampunk Corset

The Rianna Steampunk Corset features everything we love about steampunk fashions: browns and metallic colors, hooks, and leather. It contains 14 flat steel bones and 2 spiral steel bones, so the corset will maintain its shape and perfectly mold to your frame. What makes this steampunk corset unique is the halter top, which adds style and extra support for larger busted women.

5. Couture: Emerson Couture Corset

The Emerson Couture Corset is a great couture corset for the summer. Its beautiful details make it perfect for summer parties and formal events. You can dress it down and wear it with jeans, or dress it up by pairing it with a black ballgown or floor-length skirt. We absolutely love the floral lace, black bow and crystal brooch, which tie in together seamlessly.

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