Clothes to Wear with Your Favorite Corsets

So, you've picked out the perfect corset from Corset Deal, but now you're stumped on what to wear it with. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways you can style your corset to create a bold and one-of-a-kind look. Check out some of these great items you can pair your favorite gothic, steampunk and waist training corsets with!

Sexy Boots

Every outfit needs a great pair of footwear to bring the whole look together. At Corset Deal, we have tons of gothic and steampunk boots that incorporate your favorite elements from gothic and steampunk fashions. All of our boots are custom-made for you the moment you place your order. With our boots, you're guaranteed a fabulous boot that's custom-fitted just for you.

Stylish Jackets

Our vintage gothic and steampunk jackets are a great way to create an outfit that's bold and dramatic. A coat will bring out and compliment the beautiful details of your gothic and steampunk corsets. Your corset and jacket can be paired with a pair of jeans for a more casual daytime look, or with a dress or skirt for a more formal outfit.

Dramatic Skirts

Vintage gothic and steampunk skirts are the perfect style choice for corsets. For overbust corsets, you can wear them on their own with your skirt and finish the look with a stylish jacket and boots. An underbust corset also pairs nicely with our skirts. You can wear a solid colored top underneath your corset, which will provide more modest coverage while still creating a bold and elegant outfit for any occasion.

Bold Shirts

Whether you prefer overbust or underbust corsets, layering can give a unique and different look for your corset every time. By pairing your corset with one of these bold shirts, you can create more modest coverage, while adding drama and mystery.

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