5 Trendy Ways to Wear a Corset This Summer

If you love corsets for all of the benefits they offer – such as a smaller waist, bust support, improved posture, and an overall aesthetically pleasing figure – then there's absolutely no reason that you wouldn't want to take advantage of them during the summer. Understandably, the idea of wearing a corset in the blistering hot sun may not sound appealing. However, there are many unique and trendy ways to wear a corset in the summer that will make you not only look fabulous, but feel great as well. Read on to see how you can comfortably incorporate a sexy fashion corset into your summer apparel.

1. Wear an Underbust Corset over Clothing


Evonne Cotton Front Zipper Corset

You can wear an underbust corset with many different types of clothing to achieve the look you're after. For example, wearing a t-shirt with an underbust corset is a cool way to make your plain shirt pop. You can also wear it over a dress to give it more style and accentuate different colors. For instance, take a look at how this floral corset jazzes up what would be a plain, white dress.

2.Pair a Corset with Pants


Bryant Printed Cotton Corset

Whether with jeans or other slim-fitting pants, corsets will look great! The contrast between the more formal corset and the casual pants will create visual interest and the emphasis on your curves will never go unnoticed!

3.Rock with Vintage Clothing


Vintage Clothing

If you love vintage or vintage-inspired attire, then this is for you. Corsets are a perfect pairing with vintage, as they both reflect on the past and are effortlessly stylish. You can either find unique pieces that would go well with a corset or wear the corset underneath vintage outfits to create that tailored, shapely look that the ladies of the past were so well known for!

4.Don as Part of Your Bridal Outfit


Artus White Satin Corset

Many bridal gowns have corset-inspired bodices, and lace-up backs are particularly popular for their evocation of old-fashioned romance. Corsets can actually be worn in two ways on your wedding day: beneath your gown or as a part of the visible outfit. Keep in mind that if you plan to wear a corset underneath your dress, you should choose the piece ahead of time and bring it along to the fitting, since you'll need to allow extra room for it. The other way to wear it is on top of a skirt as part of a two-piece outfit.

5.Flaunt a Corset Dress


Walburga Printed Cotton Corset Dress

Dresses are perfect for the warm weather because they are often looser and give you room to move around – not to mention the fact that they can be classy, cute, or sexy. Since floral print is in style during the warmer season, why not wear a floral print corset dress this summer?

With the right pairings and a little inspiration, you can rock fashion corsets this summer! Check out the many style options on our site today!