Corset Myths Debunked

Corsets have been around for centuries. There are many myths that are still perpetuated now, but are actually untrue. Let’s take a look at some of the top myths and debunk them for you.


Corsets Are Uncomfortable

False. A properly made corset that fits correctly is very comfortable to wear. They don’t pinch you if the fit is correct, the bones won’t poke you if the corset is in good condition and when laced properly, the wearer can still breathe as usual.Corset Myths Debunked


More Bones Are Always Better

This myth is one that has been perpetuated among corset-wearers. Too many bones makes a corset very uncomfortable to wear. It does not lead to more support or a smaller figure. The amount of bones should be proportionate to the shape of the corset, and should support the shape of the person who is wearing it.


Off-The Rack Corsets Don’t Fit

In general, this is not a true statement. Some custom-fit corsets don’t fit anyone either. For the most part, if you know your measurements you will have a better idea about if a corset will fit your body type and style. You shouldn’t need to order a custom corset unless you know that a regular corset is not going to fit your measurements.


A Corset Is Designed To Be Laced Tightly

Corsets are not designed to be laced up tightly. They are designed to be laced in order to fit your figure. This means that the edges probably will not touch each other at all when your corset is properly laced.


Photos Online Will Tell You A Lot About A Corset

Wrong. There are tons of ways that an online photograph can hide features of a corset. Sometimes a corset that looks horrible in a photograph actually fits great, and sometimes you think a corset looks perfect in a photo but it fits completely wrong. It is best to follow the measurements in order to best know what to expect when your corset arrives.


Corsets Caused Life-Threatening Diseases

This is another myth that has been repeated throughout the centuries. Corsets were said to cause everything from hysteria to cancer. This is just simply not true. There are no documented cases of women removing their ribs to fit into a corset, unlike the stories that are floating around. Responsible corset wearing is perfectly safe.

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