How To Care For Your Corset

The best way to care for your corset is by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Each corset is made from a different type of fabric, so the care depends on the materials that is is made out of. If you have any questions, it is best to contact us and ask. But here are some basic corset care tips that should apply to most corsets on the market. 
How To Care For Your Corset

1. Normal wear and cleaning will take a toll on your corset. The best way to prevent this is by preventing the need to clean your corset. Wearing an undershirt between your skin and the corset will block your natural oils from being absorbed into the fabric. The undershirt will absorb the oils instead, therefore keeping the fabric of your corset clean.
2. Avoid wearing the same corset every day. If you plan to wear a corset daily, you should really consider purchasing two or three corsets to cycle through. This will allow them to breathe in between days and will help them to last longer.
3. Hang your corset up to air out after you wear it. The fabric in your corset is squished up against your body all day long, so at the end of the day when you are finished wearing it, be sure to hang it up in a way that the inside fabric is exposed to air and can breathe. This will help to dry out any wetness that may have accumulated during the day.
4. NEVER machine wash your corset. This will cause all sorts of damage and will ruin the fabric of your corset.
5. You can take your corset to a dry cleaner, but it is recommended that you pick a higher quality dry cleaner and not just any old place. The better the quality of chemicals, the longer your fabrics will last. Do not dry clean too often.
6. Watch out for products that are meant to spot clean clothing items. They can leave a ring on the delicate fabrics of the corset, causing damage.

Prevention is the best way not to incur damage with your corset. A little bit of planning ahead will help you keep your corset in the best shape possible. Please contact us with any questions you might have about the care of your corset before you take matters into your own hands.