How To Put On Your Corset

Putting on a corset can sometimes be a challenge. There is a right way to do it, and once you master it, you will be ready to go. Like a lot of new items, a new corset needs to be broken in. The first couple of times you wear it, it will be stiff and not properly fitted to your shape. You may notice a difference after one or two times of wearing it. You may not need to loosen and tighten it as often. Here are a few steps to get you going in the right direction. 
How To Put On Your Corset

1. Be sure you have gone to the bathroom and have an empty stomach before putting on your corset. I’ll not gross you out with the details, but just trust me, it’s better this way.
2. Wearing an undershirt underneath your corset helps to keep body oils off the fabrics and will give your corset a longer life. You’ll want something that fits your figure and won’t bunch up under the corset to cause rubbing.
3. Loosen up the lacing all the way. A corset that is designed to shrink your waist will not fit on you if it is tightened up all the way. You’ll need to be sure the laces are as loose as you can get them.
4. Make sure the corset is right side up, and the modesty panel is flat (if your corset has one).
5. Reach behind you and grasp the lacing loops (sometimes called rabbit ears). At first, you are not going to want to pull too hard, but just enough to get the corset to conform to your shape.
6. Cinch up the laces and move on to do something else for a while. This will give the corset time to settle around your figure.
7. If after a couple of hours you feel like you need to readjust, feel free to go back and do a little bit more tightening. Tightening up your corset too fast right from the start can result in broken laces, torn grommets and more.
8. When you are ready to remove your corset, DO NOT undo the busk first. Always loosen your laces first. This will avoid breaking the corset.
9. Make sure to hang up the corset after you are finished wearing it. This will allow the fabrics inside to dry out and will lengthen the life of your corset.
10. Never wash your corset. Contact us if you need help with cleaning it. Usually you just use a damp cloth on the materials to spot clean.

These steps will ensure that your corset is around for you to wear for a very long time. Our corsets are made to last and if you take care to put it on and break it in properly, you will be very happy with the end result. Please contact us if you have any questions about the care and keeping of your corset.