Do You Know About Corsetdeal Sales

Corsetdeal offers a variety of savings on our website. We currently have a few promotions running that are sure to get your attention. Check out the latest for spring, or order yourself something new and fun. Here’s a list of what is happening currently.


Payday Sale

The Payday sale is going on right now. Select corsets are offered at a savings of 25% off. There are tons of different styles that fall under this deal, so be sure to click our offers tab to see what is available. When you checkout, use the code GOTPAID to receive the discount. This offer is available until May 15th, 2016.Do You Know About Corsetdeal Sales


3 for £70

Our 3 for £70 category offers you a great bundle deal. As we have discussed, if you are planning to wear your corset every day, you should probably get a few different corsets to wear evenly. Our 3 for £70 bundle deal is the perfect solution. Click our offers tab, and then click on the 3 for £70 sale category and you will find all of the styles that this deal applies to. Mix and match in any combination that you like, getting yourself a great deal.


Email Alerts

Another way to stay on top of promotions is to sign up for the email list. We have some products that we keep hidden and only show to our email subscribers, so signing up gets you access to our entire collection. We also will send you our deal notifications and codes first as a subscriber, guaranteeing you the best deals. All you need to do is enter your email address on our website and then hit submit and you are automatically signed up.


Stay in touch with us for the latest in corset styles and savings. These deals won’t stick around forever so be sure to act fast. Contact us if you need any assistance!