Choosing Your First Corset

Choosing your first corset can be an exciting journey. There are so many different styles to look at, and so many different fabrics and types of boning. How will you ever choose just one? Luckily, Corsetdeal has put together a collection just for you called My First Corset. Let’s take a look at some of the great features that will help you choose your first corset with ease.



The first thing to do is determine what size corset you will need. Corsets are not sized like regular dresses and tops. Instead, they are based on the measurements of your waist. So before you start browsing our selection, it is best to take some measurements and understand the best fit for you. Our handy size chart can guide you further as to how to pick a size.Choosing Your First Corset



Next, you should decide what style corset you would like. There are underbust corsets, overbust corsets, burlesque corsets, gothic corsets and more. Knowing the style that you are looking for will help you find the right one for you. If you are looking for something discrete that you can wear under your outfits, you may want to consider an underbust corset. If you are looking for something as a particular piece of your outfit, you may want to consider a burlesque, gothic or steampunk corset.



After you pick what style is going to work for you, now you can pick the fun part. What color are you looking for? A solid color like black or white is going to match with the most outfits. But a fun color like blue, purple or red can make an outfit all by itself. You’ll probably need to first identify how often you plan to wear the corset and how many corsets you are planning to buy right out of the gate.


We have a bunch of different styles and colors available in our My First Corset collection. These corsets have been chosen because they are custom made, and made from more flexible materials in order to give you a better first experience. Head to our website and check out the full collection today.

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