The Different Corset Fabrics

As you may have noticed on our website, corsets come in many different colors and styles. They are also made out of different fabrics. Each fabric has different qualities and different reasons to wear it. Here’s a quick look at some of the main fabrics that are used in corset making and the benefits of each one.



Satin has a smooth shiny feel and look, and can give a corset a fancy look. Satin is usually used as an outer layer of fabric because it should not get wet. Satin makes a great choice for a corset you plan to wear underneath your other clothes because it has a slippery feel to it, and your other layers of clothing won’t stick to it. Another added bonus is that pet hair will also not stick to satin. If you have any pets, this may want to be something you keep in mind.The Different Corset Fabrics



Cotton is a pretty basic option. It may not be as fancy as satin, but it is super easy to take care of, and after you take the time to break it in, it becomes very comfortable. It will mold to you kind of like a favorite pair of jeans. Cotton is a bit thicker than other fabrics, which can make it harder to be discreet under your other clothing.



Brocade fabric looks almost like upholstered curtains or a couch. Brocade fabrics are beautiful and come in gorgeous patterns. These corsets are meant to be seen and worn. They can be used as part of your outfit, or just for you to admire. Brocade, like cotton, is a thicker type of fabric that takes a little longer to break in, but once you do it will be very comfortable.


Genuine Leather

Leather corsets are designed to be worn on top of other clothing. Since leather is a natural skin, it may stretch over time. Leather corsets are more for decorative wear, and less for waist training. The smooth texture is good for keeping other clothing from sticking to the surface, but leather corsets can feel rather bulky when layered under other clothing, so it is best worn on the outside.


Corsetdeal has a variety of corsets available in a variety of fabrics. Be sure you read our guide before you order. Our detailed sizing guide will help you determine which size to order to best fit your shape. Check out our website for our full selection of corsets made from all different fabrics.