Corset Vocabulary

If you are thinking about purchasing a corset, there are a few terms that you should probably know and understand. Not everyone is familiar with the parts of a corset or what you need to know right from the start. It may take a little research and measuring to understand how to buy your first corset, so we’ve created this post to help you sift through everything.

Binding- This is the piece of material that covers the top or bottom edges of your corset where the boning slides in. It keeps the boning from poking out of tCorset Vocabularyhe corset and keeps you comfortable.

Boning- The boning is the rigid pieces that go into a corset to give it structure and shape. It can be a variety of materials including steel and plastic, but was originally made from whale bone.

Busk- The front opening of a corset. It is usually made up of two steel bones with a row of hooks to close up the opening. Not all corsets come with a busk.

Channels- Channels are sewn into the fabric of the corset to keep the boning from moving around too much. This helps the corset keep its shape and helps your corset last longer.

Grommets- The round metal pieces that are inserted into the corset to reinforce the holes for your lacing. They help to keep your corset from ripping when you pull it tight.

Lacing- The lacing is the cording that is used to tighten up the corset when you put it on. There can be lacing on the front, or the back, or both. The act of lacing a corset by yourself can be tricky but you can master it with a little bit of practice.

Modesty Panel- This is the piece of fabric that goes under the lacing to protect you from getting burned by the laces while you are tightening your corset. It can also be referred to as a lacing guard. Sometimes there is a small modesty panel under the busk too.

Overbust Corset- An overbust corset comes up high enough to cover your breasts. This style of corset usually has a built-in bra, and means you won’t need to wear a separate bra.

Underbust Corset- An underbust corset usually stops right under your bra line. With an underbust corset, you will need your own bra, but they can sometimes be more discreet under outfits.

Waist Training- Waist training is the act of wearing a corset to change your figure. It is usually done by wearing a corset for an extended period of time each day in order to encourage your body to mold to the hourglass figure that the corset is giving you.

Take these terms with you when you head out to look for you first corset. They will help you determine what you are looking for and the best kind for you. Be sure to check out Corset Deal's full selection of corsets on our website. We have everything from starter corsets all the way up to floral patterns and steampunk styles. We’ll be happy to help you pick the right one for you.

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