What Is Steampunk?

Steampunk is defined as an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. It usually incorporates elements of technology and science fiction into a design that can be applied to decor and fashion. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of steampunk as it applies to fashion.



Steampunk has its roots based in the 19th-century writings of authors like Jules Verne. Mary Shelly, and H.G. Wells. These writers took their own view of what the future might be like and put them down on paper. Often their views of technology to come was paired with the technology they had on hand at the time. This odd pairing of science, technology and a view of the future is where steampunk style gets its origin.


The Term

The term steampunk was not formed until the 1980’s. At first it was referred to as Cyberpunk, until a science fiction magazine author coined the term steampunk and it took off from there. The magazine used the steam technology of the era as a stepping off point for the idea behind the term.


Famous Locations

There are several famous locations that are made in the steampunk design. The movie 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Walt Disney was done in the steampunk style. In 1994, a Paris Metro station was redesigned to honor Jules Verne in the steampunk style. In June 2008, an artist and sculptor named Paul St. George built and installed a telectroscope at the London City Hall, linking London and New York through a video feed. It was also built in the steampunk style based in the Victorian era.



One thing about steampunk is that it has an interesting collision with handmade items. Since it is a science fiction creation, there is no manual about how steampunk items need to be made. A lot of items retain a handmade feel with the maker’s customizations. Companies who manufacture steampunk items strive for this handmade look with leather and stitching.