Corsets in London: Tips on how to wear them

Years back, women wore corsets as undergarments to shape their waist area. Today, they still wear the corsets to shape their waist, but don’t hide them inside; rather, they wear them as tops.

Corsets are perfect for women, plus size or models, who are looking to shape their torsos, so they can bring out an hourglass shape.

If you are just getting started and would wish to know how to wear a corset, and what to wear them with, then this article is for you.

How to put on a corset

Putting on a corset is as easy as putting on any other cloth. All you need to do is to start with an underlayer (like a liner or small vest) to help protect your corset. Then, stand in front of a mirror, and put it on, joining both ends together (you may feel a little resistance, which is okay). Double check to ensure that the corset is in the proper orientation and adjust it for a perfect fit.

A few facts about corsets

When buying a corset in London, ensure that you pick the right size; buy one that’s not too big or too small than your size.

You should find a corset that works for your body type since they come in wide-ranging styles

Corsets require seasoning – the boning of the corset will follow after your shape as it adjusts to your body.

Only wear your waist trainer for 1.5 to 2 hours, if you are doing it for the first time. A good idea is to wear it several times for the first few days of breaking it.Gradual is the way to go, do not tighten your corset to the point where you feel pain

Don’t expect results from fashion or lingerie corset (that is if you are in it for the shape)

What to wear with a corset.

Pair with skinny jeans : Wearing a corset with a pair of skinny jeans is a very popular look in London. Women love it as it brings out the best of their body shapes. If you want to pull this look, you should ensure that your jeans are skinny and tight. When you feel a little uncomfortable wearing the corset alone, you can put on a long-sleeved shirt and wear a corset on top of it.

Wear with skirts : What better way to pull out a girly look, than to wear a corset with a fabulous pencil skirt? The trick is to find perfect colours that blend. Corsets also work well with any other type of skirts, so you can use your imagination to explore the endless possibilities.

Pair with shorts : There is a lot that you can do with a short and corset. For a casual and funky look, you can wear a denim corset and match it with a white pair of shorts. Another easy but classy way to wear your corset is by pairing it with tights.

Where to buy: Corsets in London are available either online or in physical stores. Online stores are convenient, affordable and also provide a wide selection to choose from. 

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