How to Order the Correct Size Corset

Corset retailers stock different size corsets to suit the diverse demands. However, it is the duty of the wearer to know their waist size so that they can get a fitting corset that will give them the desired results.

When planning to purchase a fashion or waist training corset, the first thing that you should do is get your size right. This will go a long way in helping you find a corset that fits you perfectly, especially if you are ordering online. But then, how do you go about measurements?

How to measure for a steel boned corset

The four most important measurements that you will need are the underbust, the natural waist, the torso length, and the upper hip.

The underbust is exactly what it sounds like, and it is the measurement right below the breast (or on your bra line). So, just take a tape measure and wrap it around, pull it tight (not too tight), all this time making sure that the tape measure is parallel to the ground. Taking a weird angle will only mean not getting the exact measurement.

The second measurement that you’ll need, which is perhaps the most important one is the natural waist. If you do not know where your natural waist is, just bend from the side – your natural waist is where your body bends (the fold). The torso tends to sit about an inch above the belly button for many women – but for some, it is a bit lower or a bit higher.

Next is the upper hip measurement. Many people often mistake this place for the full hip, which is really low, (or the fullest part of your hip). Do not do that because you are never going to have a corset that sits down there unless you are not planning to walk. Upper hip is slightly above the full hip, toward the hip bone.

The last measurement that’s needed is the torso length, and it is important because it will help you get the right length of the corset. Torso length runs from right below the centre of one of your breasts straight down to where your upper hip flexor sits. A great idea would be to do a sit test, just to make sure that you can sit down when wearing the corset. So, you should sit upright, take your tape measure and record the distance from underneath your breast to your hips.

Aspects to bear in mind

Corsets are available in wide-ranging sizes and “curve” levels to meet the diverse body styles and type. The idea, then, is to get the right one to fit your body needs. Some aspects to consider when buying a corset include:

Reasons for wearing the corset: Do you need the corset for back support or fashion? If you are looking for waist size for size 14, experts recommend only 3-5 inches smaller than the