How to Rock a Plus Sized Corset

Recent years have brought on an overwhelmingly positive shift in beauty and fashion trends. Body positivity and self-confidence are taking center stage, replacing strict beauty norms many women around the world were feeling for far too long.

It's a wonderful time to celebrate curves and fuller bodies, as well as slender, sleeker builds. Whatever kind of skin a woman is in, she can feel free to be herself.

If you're on the plus size side of fashion, get ready! Many popular lines and brands are embracing bigger sizes and looks, making comfort and style much more accessible than they have been before.

From cute bathing suits to amazing jeans and even plus size corsets, it's time to fill your closet with all the looks you love. For a little guide on how to make a corset work with your sense of fashion, keep reading.

Finding the Right Corset for You

The moment you hear "corset" you may be thinking of a tight piece of clothing reserved only for intimate occasions. While this may be true, corsets can also be about body empowerment.It's not always about special moments behind closed doors; wearing a corset is about feeling special and comfortable in your skin anywhere you go.To get the best results, make sure you do the following things while shopping for plus size corsets.

Measure, Measure, Measure

There are three things you have to get accurate measures of: your full bust, your underbust, and your hips. The full bust is where your chest is the perkiest - it's the widest point of this part of the body. The underbust is the area just below the bra.Take your time measuring each part. Make sure the tape is straight all the way around, not sinking down or rising along a certain area. This ensures you'll get the best fit when trying on plus size corsets for the first time.The last thing you want to do is waste time in a store trying to figure out the right fit. Even worse, if you order the wrong size online, you may be waiting a while to get this corrected!

Underbust versus Overbust Corsets

Once you know your measurements, it's time to start shopping. Whether looking for plus size corsets online or in a store, there are two main options to consider.The first is an underbust corset. This covers the hips and waist and sits just below the breasts. Some ladies love this style because it's not as noticeable as the overbust design - but it's also less comfortable.

The overbust design's main benefit is there isn't a need to wear a bra. This is because the corset gives you the bust support a bra would normally offer.Actually, it provides a significant amount! Choose an overbust when you want to give a little shape to your midsection and some special focus to your feminine attributes.

Check the Boning Material

No matter if you prefer an underbust corset or an overbust corset, always take a close look at the boning material. This is what makes the corset hug around your body and create some shape. When the material is low-quality, you risk it catching on your skin, which can be uncomfortable or outright painful.

Plastic is the cheapest boning material. It works fine for a trial run, to see if you can see yourself using plus size corsets. If you decide to add corsets to your wardrobe, opt for something more supportive after trying out this styling tool.

The better boning option to look for is steel. This is a flexible, incredibly supportive style of corset. Steel-boned plus size corsets come in spiral or flat boning options.

The absolute best steel design, though, is a double-boned corset. Such corsets tie a little tighter, without compromising comfort. They're great for a particularly cute look or if you're using a waist training corset to slim down a bit.

Styling Plus Size Corsets

A corset is a great tool to have as an everyday accessory or a way to spice things up at home. There are even corsets made specifically for special costume events.

The following is a closer look at each style.

Shaping and Everyday Wear

Plus size corsets made for shaping tend to be the least stylish of all, although there are some cute ones out there. But, these are mostly made to make the style of your actual clothes stand out.

These come in a single color, or in a range of standard tones. Think of this kind of like when you're bra shopping - it's not about the look so much as the feel.

A shaping corset is meant to help you trim off a few inches from your waist. It compresses you under clothing like t-shirts, tank tops, and dresses. This creates a look that is lovely and refined while working to make your actual waist measurement slimmer.

Costume Corsets

Costume corsets are all about making a statement. These are fun, bold pieces that complete many fun Halloween or special event looks.

Is your city hosting an upcoming medieval fair? Are you dressing up as a pirate or vampire for Halloween this year? If so, you need a costume corset.

These come in all shapes and sizes. They range in colors and fit to provide the perfect final touch for the look you're going for.

Corsets for Intimate Occasions

Sometimes, you only want to dress up for one person.

One of the most beautiful ways to do this is with a sexy, stunning plus size corset. This brings out your true beauty - confidence. Intimate corsets hug the body in all the right places, without restricting your range of motion or making you uncomfortable.

The look just right, and can be part of making special nights truly unforgettable.

Browse Looks and Styles

Ready to see what plus size corsets can do for you? Whether as a bit of a confidence booster under your clothes or as a way to make a jaw-dropping statement when clothes come off, there's a corset that's perfect for your body.

You just have to find it!

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