Corset deal gets it that every woman deserves a secret weapon in her wardrobe.A piece of clothing that will make them feel like they're the star of the show.
Our secret weapon is the underbust corset. Wear it under your clothing to whip your waist into shape and create killer curves with no one knowing how you do it. Or lace up your underbust corset over a tight-fitting top to add wow factor to your outfit. If you're super-daring – you could even wear it on its own. Underbust corsets are perfect for burlesque, or for those moments when only va va voom will do. Go on, we dare you!.
We're really proud of our selection of underbust corsets, and that's because we know we've picked out a range that covers everything from understated glamour to fiery vixen. Keep your look super elegant and simple, and play it down with sleek black satin with minimal detailing, or go to town with bold red brocade and funky gothic corsets adorned with vintage-style details.
Underbust corsets can also feature quirky jacket tops so while you're keeping your back under wraps, from the front, you're displaying a whole lot more! This look is great if you're aiming for a bit of burlesque fun.
Whatever your favored style of underbust corset, if you want it to whip in your waist, make sure you choose a corset that's packed with steel boning. This will ensure your silhouette can be cinched into that siren-esque hourglass figure that every woman craves.
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