Custom Made FAQ's

What is Made to Measure or Bespoke or Made to Fit ?

All of above is referred to the clothing that is uniquely made for you. You submit your body measurements and we make your chosen style specifically to fit those measurements. This kind of clothing cannot be made in bulk but it made single unit at a time.

What are the advantages of a Made to Measure garment?

Off the shelf item is made on a large industrial scale. They are made to fit a dummy. Made to measure is made according to your body measurements, therefore they are guaranteed to fit you. No more awkward fitting clothing and no more visits to a seamstress.

Our made to measure garment are made to your measurements, thereby ensuring a perfect fit. Beyond this, however, is the luxury of personalization. You only need to undergo the measuring process once, save your full body measurement on our website , you can edit your measurement anytime .

How will you measure me? I cannot visit you .

We have made a very well researched and easy to use interactive software. It uses a demo video. You only have to follow it step wise. By the end of 4-5 minutes process, we will have all your measurements with us.

What happens to my measurements that you take?

We link your measurement with your profile. This means you only have to provide your measurements to us once and we store it with your profile. However if anytime if future you think that you want to change any of the measurement, you can simply log into your account and change it.

What is the Process?

Just a few simple steps and you can get yourself an outfit specially made to your size- once and always,

1) You will need a measuring tape. Don’t have it handy- download our printable one >> Click here

2) Switch on the demo video and keep adding your measurements when prompted >> Click here

3) Save and create your account

4) Choose and order your style

5) You get a confirmation mail from our pattern specialist. Give us your nod.

6) Your order delivered on or before the promised timeline.

7) Flaunt and Flaunt and Flaunt…

How long does it take?

We typically take 12 working days to deliver your custom made order, you will be able to see exact estimated delivery in cart page.

Can I gift a Made to Measure garment to someone?

Yes this is possible as long as you can create a new profile give us their measurements.


I am looking for a style to order , which I can't see under custom made category, How to order?

If you are looking to order custom made from style not listed, please get in touch with our support team ( ) , they will help you to process your order. Meanwhile you can go ahead with your measurement, create account, save your measurement.





1: Choose your style from Category page : Select your desired style from our Made to Measure category.We have new and updated designs every week,so your closet can always be updated for every occasion
2: Choose your style : Select your desired style, create your measurement profile by clicking " I'M NEW " Button . Click " I'M RETURNING " if you have your measurement profile saved.
3: " I'M NEW " : Follow our step-by-step video guides to set up your measurement profile. We walk you through every detail, so you can have the confidence to get it done right. It takes less than 10 minutes and can be done from the comfort of your home. You don't need a tailor, only a good friend (mom, boyfriend, sister, buddy). Once your order is placed, our team goes through all your measurements to ensure that everything looks good.
4: Delivery Date : We have made it simple , you can view your estimated delivery date on your cart page before checkout . We maintain 95% success rate on delivery * (depending on measurement confirmation from customer)